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Artwork Credits: Josh Green- About Time; Cecilia Bathory- Who is Worange Drexler?, Over Under (photo); Elizabeth Johnson- Over Under (design); Jason Clement- Out There, Drexler, How's That?, Same 'Ole Thang, Introlecution, Alkiline Metal.


Full Discography

o Haiti in a Classical Mood, Michael DeVellis, 2016.

o About Time LP, Heylady, 2013.

o Funky Edwardian, Michael DeVellis, Lime Sorbet 2 Compilation, Timewarp Records, 2013.

o Over Under EP, Michael DeVellis, Breakbeat Paradise Recordings, 2012.

o The Craziest Things, Michael DeVellis, Lime Sorbet 1 Compilation, Timewarp Records, 2011.

o Out There, Michael DeVellis, Pockit Records, 2010.

o Same Ol’ Thang, Michael DeVellis and Sneak-E Pete, Pockit Records, 2010.

o Nasty on Axis, Michael DeVellis, Blunted Funk Records, 2010.

o Alkiline Metal, Michael DeVellis, Moodyman and Blunted Funk Recs, 2009.

o Introlecution, Michael DeVellis, Blunted Funk Recs, 2008.

o Funkalicious, Michael DeVellis, Straight Up Recs, 2008.

o Drexler LP, Drexler (Music by Michael DeVellis), Pockit Records, 2007. 

o Sea to City, Michael DeVellis and John Howard, OM Records, February 2006.

o Who is Worange Drexler?, a full-length album by Michael DeVellis, 2005.

o It’s Work EP, Michael DeVellis, Citrona Records summer 2005.

o Cruisin', The Shift. Blunted Funk 2005.

o Cultural Assertion,  Randall Jones, Renaissance Records 2005.

o Shout Mable, Michael DeVellis, Nu Jazz Sessions 2, Groove Gravy 2004.

o Post Boogie, Michael DeVellis, Blunted Funk 2003.

o Valentino's Revenge, Sneak-E Pete & Jordan Vesteyo, Blunted Funk 2003.

o Unasaximous, Joeski, Big Chief Records 2002.

o Electrofunk, Sneak-E Pete & Miss Bliss (flute), Blunted Funk 2002.

o Hustler's Revenge, Joeski, Maya Recordings 2000.

o Sax Attack EP, Joeski, Siesta Recordings 2000.

o That Sax Song, Alexi Delano. Svek 1997.